​​​​​​​​​Its going to be ALL latex.  No springs.

It will have a THIN exterior cover that stretches in all directions.  Four way stretch.

NO WOOL.  Having wool too close to the body is like sleeping on a sweater.  

​Based on my experience with Berkeley Ergonomics and especially Andrea Karsten, I can say with complete certainty that they are the worse firm and she is the worse individual that I have had the misfortune to deal with. I am in the process of writing a book about this experience and all I've learned about the mattress industry. Never have I seen, or heard of any firm, no matter their size, treating their customers so badly.  If the synthetic Polypropylene is NOT going to be added to the mattress descriptions to provide consumers with ALL the information, rather instead its up to consumers to conclude themselves that the coil mattresses contain synthetic material, amid all the false "organic mattress" claims, and the false organic claims are not going to be REMOVED, then good that I have been getting the word out with this site, my blog, and other means. It appears I am right on point with my work and I will continue to highlight the synthetic component that is absent from the mattress descriptions, and educate that the mattress is not an "organic mattress" along with any other details that may not be proactively provided or clarified at the dealer level and point of sale.   In August 2016 I reached out to Berkeley Ergonomics and suggested we resolve the matter, but they never replied back. 

Check mark

Here's what I know for sure;  

I've learned SO much about mattresses due to this horrible experience with Berkeley Ergo and my Berkeley Ergonomics mattress, that I don't think its going to be too difficult to buy my next mattress.

So what mattress will I buy to replace my      

           Berkeley Ergonomics mattress?


     Mattresses I'm considering:      


   Savvy Rest,  "Serenity"                        www.savvyrest.com

    Posh & Lavish, "Refine"                       www.poshandlavish.com

   Pure Latex Bliss, "Worlds Best Bed"    www.puretalalaybliss.com/product/worlds-best-bed/

   Sleep EZ                                              www.sleepez.com