My next mattress will be an all latex mattress (no coils) and NO WOOL!

      I hate the VERY thick quilted top (full of wool)

of my Berkeley Ergonomics bed.

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Is my Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses HOT?

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Simply put, the VERY thick quilting reduces the ability for the mattress cover to stretch as much as I want.

My next bed I will insist on a four way stretch material, with NO thick quilting.  I've learned the hard way that the ability for the cover material to give in all directions is essential for allowing the layers below to accommodate body contours leading to better support, pressure relief and comfort.

Also real important is "uplifting support".  This is the feeling you experience as your body lays on the latex. It’s like floating or a feeling of buoyancy.  Apparently “uplifting support” also promotes proper posture and body alignment.”

My Berkeley Ergonomics mattress does NOT have this desired 'uplifting support' or 'floating' feel.

My Berkeley Ergonomics mattress fails in all the matters that would make a mattress comfortable to me.