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False Organic Claims by 

Berkeley Ergonomics & their dealers  

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If you're shopping for a Berkeley Ergonomics Mattress, watch out for FALSE organic claims.  Berkeley Ergo mattresses are not "organic mattresses", their exterior cover is not an "organic cover", and their latex is not organic.  There is also synthetic Polypropylene in the coil mattresses, just in case the sales guy "forgets" to mention it.  

See real Berkeley Ergonomics mattress reviews here too.

Scripps Back Comfort Scripps Natural Mattress Carlsbad showroom featuring organic all natural mattresses and bedding by Berkeley Ergonomics, Suite Sleep and Gotcha Covered for babies, kids, and adults. The most comfortable beds on the market plus good for your back and no chemicals wow this is it. Finally the perfect bed, call to see 760-720-9111

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​Berkeley Ergonomics has been successful in removing some of my reviews & photos of my Berkeley Ergo mattress from the internet yet uses words like ​integrity, truth, ethical, & fairness to describe themselves. 

Scripps Natural Mattress false organic claim Mark Neel
Scripps Natural Mattress false organic claim

If you have to exaggerate, its probably a sign the product is not that good.

haha well I meant organic industry. Ok I'll be ioen at 11 am unless you want to meet earlier.  The key is that you will never have to buy another bed again.  This european design has zippers so you can get inside of it and replace parts of the bed down the road. I'm in the back business so its perfect for your back  and being all organic with no chemicals is all a bonus. My name is Mark and I'll give you guys a great deal. Thanks


Urban Natural Home Furnishings is New Jerseys premier source for organic mattresses, solid wood furniture, chemical free sofas & handmade rugs. Berkeley Ergonomics mattress reviews. False organic claims. 

European Sleep Design Organic mattresses for more healthful and sound sleep. Natural mattress and flex slats.

June 2017 this dealer still uses the term "organic mattress" when marketing his Berkeley Ergonomics dealership.

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Berkeley Ergonomics false organic claim
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A peek inside our organic mattress. We have nothing to hide. Natural latex, german coil steel springs and an organic cotton and wool cover.  They are totally customizable. Let us fit you to the perfect mattress.

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Natural latex mattress-organic mattress

Natural latex mattress, green mattress, eco friendly, organic mattresses, natural mattress. 100% organic knit covers 100% natural.

We believe your bed, even your side of the mattress, should be personally fitted to address the specific needs of your body, using the healthiest most durable materials available. organic cotton cover 
For over 19 years we have built and sold solid wood platform beds and European-style mattresses and are convinced they work better, last longer, look better, and save money. We ship everywhere and serve Dayton, Cincinnati, & Columbus OHIO providing the best quality, value, & service for .....Solid Wood Platform Beds, His & Her Side Custom Mattresses,Organic, chemically-safe Mattresses by Berkeley Ergonomics in Ontario California owned by Collin Hunter and Andrea Karsten, Latex Foam Mattresses, European Sleep Systems, European Adjustable Beds,Handcrafted Bedroom Furniture.
We guarantee the best prices and products available anywhere.
We began building solid cherry platform beds for Scott Jordan Furniture in a shop at the Brooklyn Navy Yard after graduating from Pratt's industrial design program in 1990. Our passion for design and continual improvement led us to research mattress quality. Our search led us to several furniture shows in Europe. We discovered a completely different approach to bedding. Complex slat systems were used rather than box springs, and ergonomically designed foam mattresses were producing the most comfortable bedding we had experienced.After 911 we left NY. Five children later, seeking greener pastures to raise our family, we moved to be with our church friends in Springfield, Ohio. Then, driven by a passion for design, quality, and value, we started Design Sleep with a goal to be Ohio's best sources for European mattresses, organic bedding, custom mattresses, and platform beds.

If you want an organic bed with no chemicals i'm the only one in San Diego what sells them.

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 Design Sleep's False "almost organic mattress" claim:

Yes i only sell all natural organic mattresses and bedding my mattresses are certified OEKO-TEX 100 and C2C cradle to cradle to be free from harmful substances crib mattress is 399 kind mattress is 1799 or 2299 additional top pads are available at 800 or 900 foundations are 500 or 800.  If you buy a king size mattress i will five you a crib mattress for free.  mark call me at 760-720-9111

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Organic, Chemically Safe Mattresses Designed for individual comfort.  Discover natural, chemically safe, perfect fit, sleep.  What you need to know before you buy. Natural and Organic mattresses for more healthful and sound sleep.  Natural mattresses and flex slats sleep systems enables deeper sleep. 

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Urban Natural Home Furnishings is New Jersey's premier source for organic mattresses, solid wood furniture, chemical-free sofas, and handmade rugs. We are passionate about design, craftsmanship, and helping you build a healthy, beautiful home. Our showroom features American-made, heirloom-quality furniture and all natural mattresses that are totally free from harmful chemicals. We also carry the Paragon Sleeper, the world's most comfortable sleeper sofa. Stop in today or contact us for more information! Established in 2014. Urban Natural Home Furnishings was founded with a passion for building beautiful, healthy homes.  Our showroom offers american-made, heirloom quality furniture and all natural mattresses, totally free from harmful chemicals. We are also NJ's premier source for The Paragon Sleeper, the world's most comfortable sleeper sofa.
Meet the Business Owner[Ali Q.] Ali Q. Business Owner 
At Urban Natural, we are here to serve you as the best resource for modern American made furniture, organic mattresses, and handmade rugs. Our team can customize and tailor every piece to your exact needs. And we'll deliver to your home with a smile. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly at or here on yelp.

Berkeley Ergonomics false organic claim


        "We work closely with our stores to guarantee a buying experience that's based on                                                  sound and personal advice from well educated sales people."


Are the dealers purposely misrepresenting the product or are they just ignorant?

 You decide.

​Don't be duped like I was.  Learn from my mistake.



Berkeley Ergonomics claims they

"believe in an ethical approach to life & business"

and they

"strive to operate a business successfully with no compromises on truth, ethics,

integrity, & fairness".