Berkeley Ergonomics mattress reviews NON-REFUNDABLE $2000+ mistake. Company unable to provide proof that mattresses meet any of their claims: Oeko-100 certifications or meet any organic certificates. I received the brush off when I called Design Sleep requesting Oeko certifications, USDA organic certificates, or anything really. I was nervously directed (before being hung up on) to the manufacturer, Berkeley Ergonomics, which as you can see in the provided link, (…) others as well as myself have been unsuccessful in obtaining any verification that these mattresses live up to their claims. It is not possible to locate Berkeley on the Oeko website and Berkeley/Design Sleep will not disclose the manufacturers of their products. Go to Savvy Rest, Naturpedic, etc. and those companies provide all information about their manufacturers and actual proof of lab and organic certifications (GOTS, USDA, Oeko, etc). Furthermore, the mattress itself has been extremely uncomfortable from day 1. The only solution I was given was to keep trying more and more ridiculous insert options. The bed sags, it's mushy, feels as though the sides will collapse and dump you on the floor if you get anywhere close. All-in-all it feels cheaply made and who knows where the material came from or what it's potentially off gassing seeking Berkeley Ergonomic mattress reviews.

 "Yes, indeed, I was led to believe that this exorbitantly       expensive product was completely organic and chemical-free.  I am disgusted."

  ​​             "Still think it's overpriced and not well made -- the latex is too thin.

                Would buy at Costco next time".                 

​                                                                                              ...From another Berkeley Ergo customer

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When asked if they were told that their mattress was "organic" or "free of synthetics" two

 Berkeley Ergonomics buyers said this:

Berkeley Ergonomics foundation review

So what mattress will I get to replace my HOT, mushy, Berkeley Ergo mattress?

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I bought a Berkeley coil mattress and regret it.  The mattress contains a LOT of Polypropylene and there are chemicals in the latex deemed "moderately problematic, but acceptable for use", but more about this later. 
For starters, the sales man told me it was 'all organic', 'made with all natural materials', and more, and these claims turned out to be untrue. 1. The mattress is not sturdy or durable.  No way could I let a child jump up and down on it like we did when we were kids.  The bed is FAR to fragile. I feel like I have to 'baby it'. 2.  The mattress is HOT even though the sales man told me it would not be. I think the quilting & wool are the cause.3. The quilted exterior fabric matted down VERY quickly. There's no foam within the quilting so once it mats down, that's it.4.  The mattress sags on the sides and the top.  It looks like a birds nest.  5.  When I sit on the edge I sink because there is little to no support on the sides.6.  2" of latex is not enough in my opinion especially because it is just laying loosely over coils.    There is no 'tension' in the layers like most beds, so it gives a loosy-goosy, mushy feel.  7.  There's something about the bed that is just uncomfortable. It's not a snugly mattress at all.  It seems very 'minimal' in its sensibility.  Something like you might find at Ikea or in a person first apartment. 8. Even though I was told the bed was "all organic" and contained "all natural materials" it turns out that the mattress contains a LOT of the synthetic material, Polypropylene, and the latex used in my bed CONTAINS 23 CHEMICALS.   22 of the chemicals are deemed "MODERATELY PROBLEMATIC" and one chemical is UNKNOWN!  Here is the link to the 'Material Health Certificate' indicating so;…

If anyone is thinking of buying a Berkeley Ergonomics mattress, it is my suggestion that they ask to see the CURRENT two-page "Material Health Certificate" for the latex.  This way you can see how many chemicals will be in the latex you are laying on. When I found out that my mattress contained so much Polypropylene, I checked the web sites of all the Berkeley Ergo mattress dealers and found that NONE OF THEM LIST THE POLYPROPYLENE in their descriptions along with the other components, even though they list, describe, & praise all the other components in great detail.  I wonder why the Polypropylene is not mentioned?  
What a 'phenomenon' that all of Berkeley's USA dealers have the exact same omission of the exact same [synthetic] material on their sites!  What are the odds?  I cannot help wonder if it is an intentional omission.  I brought this matter to the attention of Berkeley Ergonomics so it will be interesting to see if they advise their dealers to modify their descriptions to include the Polypropylene component.  
What is IRONIC is that Berkeley Ergonomics writes on their web site that they "Believe in Openness-nothing to hide, no secrets".  I think it's unprincipled for Berkeley to knowingly allow their dealers to withhold the Polypropylene information, all the while they (the dealers) make aggressive "All natural mattress", "Natural mattress", "Organic mattress", type claims. Because of all these aggressive 'natural mattress' type claims, I believe consumers rightly have the EXPECTATION that the coil mattresses are made from only 'natural materials', are 'free of synthetics' etc., unless a sales person advises them justly or unless the Polypropylene is listed along with the other materials. It is my opinion that the reason the synthetic Polypropylene is not listed among the other components is because it does not fit in their "natural mattress" narrative.  Of course this is just my opinion but it is based on all I have learned about Berkeley and their dealers.  Dealing with Berkeley Ergonomics, the manufacture, has been horrible.  The deeply regret buying my Berkeley coil mattress.

Well, well, well,                       

O purchased the bed and it is the most uncomfortable  bed I have ever had. The bed has no box spring and a series of boards below.  I was hesitant at first but I was convinced that they could make the bed comfortable.  Seems that the bed I have is significantly harder than the one in the store.  They came out and moved the boards around but ti didn't make any difference.  I was given the wrong impression they would accept a return if this strange bed didn't work out.

I could not sleep on the bed and wanted to return it.   They refused to accept return.  All my future purchases will be at Macys where they accept returns.   

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Berkeley Ergonomics dealers

This site contains vital information if you are shopping for a Berkeley Ergonomics mattress.  
It includes Berkeley Ergonomics mattress reviews and other information that some dealers may not proactively provide.

Would you want to have a warranty issue with owners Andrea Karsten and Colin Hunter? 

Berkeley Ergonomics Mattress Reviews, believe the bad customer service reviews. Same problem. If you're lucky enough to get a call back they are short, disinterested and rude. Our Silhouette mattress (which is made by a company called Berkeley Ergonomics) was sold to us as a top of the line "European" style all natural, organic mattress. The pitch was great and we liked the bed in the store but what arrived has never felt remotely like the one in the showroom. 2 years of sore backs later we've just bought a new mattress and the $4000 mistake is now sitting in the garage. Urge you greatly to find a different store looking for Berkeley Ergonomics Mattress Reviews.

Berkeley Ergonomics mattress review European Sleep Design
Hot mattress with wool

We purchased a Berkeley Ergonomic bed here and paid top dollar for it. After waiting 2 months for delivery(I understand they are made by Berkeley Ergonomics in Ontario, California) we finally got our bed. After two absolutely sleepless and painful nights atop it, we couldn't take it anymore and asked for a return/refund. The owner asked for $1,000 for a "restocking fee", which is exorbitant. In the future, we will purchase our beds from a retailer who will swap out beds until the customer is satisfied. Overall, the Sovn bed is a fairly inexpensively made product with a rather flimsy construction. Moral of the story is try before you buy and always have a backup plan. I would not recommend this Berkeley Ergonomic bed at all. 

False organic claims?   Sagging?    Mushy?    Collapsing sides?   

Is my Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses HOT?  

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Berkeley Ergonomic mattress reviews We spent over $3K in total assuming we'd step up from our usual cheaper mattresses. The units appear to be well built - but it was not comfortable from day one. We went through all the ins and outs such as trying a softer pad (from the manufacturer) adjusting the slats, removing the slats, etc. We went to our retailers (Fly by Night, Northampton) where they attempt to show you how to adjust the slats for comfort. This was a big joke! The employee told us stuff like "well, you are a inch too low toward the footboard - move up" - as if a bed is designed to only be comfortable when you are within a inch! There are no money-back guarantees on these as with other mattresses...and, of course, they keep telling you that you have to "break it in" so even when we complained we were told it would get better. It never did. We not only wasted the 3K - but a lot of aching nights. We have another house and a 2nd bedroom where we have beds to compare it to. Both our IKEA and our "generic firm" are far superior and we wake up refreshed instead of sore. If IKEA, Casper and every other mattress these days can guarantee'd surely think a $3K model could. Oh, well, our mistake. Don't let it be yours. Be very sure you want to live with it before forking over your hard earned money. We are sorry that we believed the hype. What is valuable for other consumers now are Berkeley Ergonomic mattress reviews.

"Yes. I thought I bought all natural materials.  

Now I'm disappointed to hear this."

Take a look at these Berkeley Ergonomics ​mattress reviews.   

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Berkeley Ergonomics Mattress Reviews

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Berkeley Ergonomic Mattress reviews are hard to find but glad to see them here.  Seeing that a 5 star rating was given by two people who haven't even purchased I felt the need to chime in.  We purchased.  Very sorry we did.  Very expensive and now we're stuck.  We tried everything to rectify the situation but I'm at a point now where I look forward to sleeping on a hotel mattress when I travel!!!  The bed doesn't work for either my husband or me.  I'm sure there are people out there who love their bed...kind of hard not to when your into a bed for 3k, but we would get rid of ours today if we had the money to buy something new. Wish we had first found these Berkeley Ergonomic mattress reviews.

 I know the feeling and agree with them all.