See false organic claims here

Berkeley Ergonomics claims I'm NOT a consumer of their mattress product and that I'm a competitor, 

It seems Berkeley Ergonomics can’t just accept that a consumer would be alarmed to learn about all the the 'false organic claims', lack of disclosure of synthetic materials, and large amount of chemicals in the latex,

 after they bought and after they were incorrectly advised by the sales guy that

the mattress was "all organic"!

Even if I were a competitor, which I am not, all the false organic claims, and dealers non disclosure of synthetic materials, are still valid issues.  

Berkeley Ergonomics appears to be going to a lot of trouble to silence me or dilute my message.

It seems they are working hard to suppress my words. They duplicated my Facebook page, created a new web site

& new web pages, had reviews and photos of my Berkeley Ergonomics mattress removed from public view,

are making false claims about me, and alike.

Why is there SUCH resistance to list the Polypropylene??? 

I do not understand why ALL the components of the coil mattresses cannot be listed so consumers can have ALL the info. It would sure help eliminate the issue of consumers falsely thinking they are getting a product free of synthetics.   No one wants consumers to be mislead, right?

Berkeley Ergonomics also spends a lot of time making claims that I am a 'competitor', or 'paid by a competitor', and that I am producing 'fake reviews' and alike. My reviews and views are not fake nor am I paid by anyone.  I also do NOT have an allegiance or interest in any mattress company. My opinions are based on my personal experience with my Berkeley Ergonomics mattress, the Berkeley Ergo dealers and salespeople, and Berkeley Ergonomics themselves.

Don't be duped as I and others have been.


Berkeley Ergonomics About

(or paid by a competitor),

but this is just ANOTHER misrepresentation.

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