Check out this site for Berkeley Ergonomic Mattress reviews and other information some of Berkeley Ergo's dealers may not proactively provide. Would you want to have a warranty issue with the people above?  

Berkeley Ergonomics mean post

Where's the synthetic Polypropylene on Berkeley Ergonomics web site?                                                         Click here to find out.

ALSO, in a mattress forum where people are cordial and sharing their experience with Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses, that another consumer originated, Berkeley Ergonomics chooses to attack me. Below are two posts by Berkeley Ergonomics and the link if you want to read the whole thread, which I highly recommend. 

Note how Berkeley Ergonomics totally avoids the

non-disclosure of the synthetic Polypropylene issue at hand. 

It appears no one at Berkeley Ergo is capable of conflict resolution.  

I would hate to have a warranty issue with these people.    

Berkeley Ergonomics also claims they; 

"strive to operate a business successfully with no compromises on truth, ethics, integrity & fairness".

Berkeley Ergonomics post 3

  Berkeley Ergonomics Behavior

Denial is seldom a winning defense.  

Berkeley Ergonomics Reddit post 2

​​​​​​1.  Why don't Berkeley Ergonomic dealers include the synthetic Polypropylene component when they are listing the other components? 

2.  Why doesn't Berkeley Ergonomics mandate their dealers to include the Polypropylene when they are listing the other components, so consumers can have ALL the information?   

​​3. Why doesn't Berkeley Ergonomics mandate their dealers to stop all false claims?

Berkeley Ergo

Dear All, Please note that this person is NOT a consumer but a paid troll who has posted over 100 similar posts on a number of websites all over the internet within the last 4 weeks.  Truly sad that the "organic competition resorts to such dishonest measures instead of focusing their efforts on making a better product at better value.  Don't waste your time and energy trying to find reason in their argument.  There is no reason beyond  an effort to discredit our good reputation,  BERKELEY ERGO

Prior to making this web site, I made a simple, free blog through Google about my experience with my Berkeley Ergonomics coil mattress.  Berkeley Ergonomics left 15 strange 'comments' over a 4 hour period.  Below are a few.  

Berkeley is represented as the "Anonymous" party.  

They regularly call me a 'troll', what ever that means. 

Berkeley Ergonomics post Reddit 1
Berkeley Ergonomics post

Would you like to deal with

people like this?


IF you were interested in any other mattress manufacturer that uses Polypropylene you would have researched and listed them too!  You have unsuccessfully written your rhetoric on this and several other sites with your unsubstantiated accusations (lackluster opinions).  Small claims court is an alternative for $3000 you claim to have paid, and would be an obvious solution but I don't beleive you ever bought a BE mattress.   More likely you are doing this smear for profit for their competition since it is the same commentary from the last 4 years and appears to just be copied and pasted.   

Aren't they


    If there are any inaccuracies on this site please advise for removal or correction.

I have no confidence Berkeley Ergonomics will ever mandate their dealers to include the

synthetic Polypropylene component when the other components are being listed.

Plus there's the matter of the false claims...