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Why is there such resistance to list the synthetic Polypropylene

when the other materials are being listed?

Check out this site if you are seeking Berkeley Ergonomic mattress reviews,

Berkeley Ergonomics dealers false organic claims,or info on the owners Andrea Karsten and Collin Hunter. 

                         Would you want to have a warranty issue with these people?

Scripps Natural Mattress Carlsbad 92008

Where's the synthetic Polypropylene on Berkeley Ergonomics web site?                                                Click here to find out.

Where is the synthetic Polypropylene in Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses

Below are some of the Berkeley Ergonomic dealers that do not list the synthetic Polypropylene in the mattress descriptions or when ever they are listing the other components on their web sites. 

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​Circle Furniture  Massachusetts

Buyer Beware of Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses

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