Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses are HOT

- Beware how close the wool is to your body in BE mattresses.

- Beware of False Organic Claims.

- Beware of the non disclosure of synthetic materials.

- Beware of false 'all natural' claims.

​​-Beware of commissioned sales people.  

Is my Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses HOT ?

Does wool make a mattress hot
Berkeley Ergonomics thumbs down

I will NEVER buy a mattress with wool in the top again ESPECIALLY when the wool is SO THICK and

SO CLOSE to my body like with my Berkeley Ergonomics bed!

The sales man advised that the wool would not make me hot but he was wrong.

I wake up sweating where ever my body is touching the sheet/mattress every night and when I roll over to get a cool new spot, its amazing how HOT the spot was where I was laying.    

 After sleeping on my Berkeley Ergonomics mattress with VERY  thick wool quilting, 

I can confirm  WOOL IS HOT TO SLEEP ON 

​Of course the reason people don't wear wool in summer is because wool is hot!

YES!  Wool is hot to sleep on just like wool is too hot to wear in summer!

Berkeley Ergo hot mattress

Learn from my mistake.  Check out more details why I can't stand my Berkeley Ergonomics mattress,

on my page called  'about my Berkeley Ergonomics mattress". 

Berkeley Ergonomics claims that I am not a customer of theirs and that I am a competitor, or paid by a competitor, and that my reviews are 'fake', but these are just more misrepresentations.  There is nothing fake about my views and findings, I am not paid by anyone, nor do I have an allegiance to any mattress firm. My opinions are based on my experience with my Berkeley Ergonomics mattress, the dealers and salespeople, and Berkeley Ergonomics themselves.

Its so odd to me that Berkeley Ergonomics cannot accept that a consumer would be annoyed

to find out they were duped by false claims from one of their sales representatives!


I would be horrified if my employees were treating consumers the way Berkeley Ergonomics has treated me.

It is really quite amazing.