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Colin Hunter and Andrea Karsten Berkeley Ergonomics owners, Ontario California.

Would you want to have a warranty issue with these people?

For some reason the sides sag. I have wondered if they accidentally made the exterior too large because its seems to large for the contents. It seems so loosy-goosy. Maybe if I were to add another slab of latex, it might give the mattress the strength and stability it appears to be lacking. 


​The mattresses exterior cover isn't even an "organic cover" even though the sales man said the mattress was "all organic".


Its HOT even though the sales man told me it would not be. I think the very thick quilting and large amount of wool are the cause.


The Talalay Latex broke down real fast.  I found cracks in it within a few months of having it.  If I try and handle it, it cracks easily. If I am not very careful & mindful of supporting it every few inches I think it will crack in two pieces.  If I grab it too firmly, my fingers will go right through it. I am now told this is typical with Talalay Latex.  Next time I want Dunlap. 


Because there is no 'tension' in the mattress layers like most beds, this bed seems very "loosy-goosy".  

It seems mushy, worn out, and 'sad' after having it only a short time.

Berkeley Ergonomics chemicals in their latex

Berkeley Ergonomics is HORRIBLE to deal with and I would hate

to have a warranty issue with them!   

About my actual Berkeley Ergonomics coil mattress. 
For me it's a failure in comfort, durability, & design. 

 There are 23 chemicals in the latex. 22 deemed "moderately problematic, but acceptable for  use" and one chemical deemed 'unknown'. Here is the two page Material Health Certificate  indicating so.

The sales man advised that due to the zipper, "its the last mattress you will have to buy" and years later still makes this claim on his web site even though Berkeley Ergonomics recommends replacement in 10 years.  

Is my Berkeley Ergonomics mattress HOT?  

The thick wool filled quilting matted down very quickly. Other beds usually have a little foam in their quilting so it remains voluminous and puffy for years, but my Berkeley quilting does not contain any foam so it does not spring back like other mattresses I have had and liked. 

The very thick quilted cover totally diminishes the feel of the latex. I can't feel the bouncy, rubbery, supportive sensation that latex provides. My next bed will have a thin very stretchy cover with no  no quilting. 

I really dislike/hate this very thick heavy quilting on this bed.

When I sit on the edge, I sink. Maybe because there is little to no support on the sides or because there are 

not layers of product under tension providing strength and durability, (like in most mattresses)?


I don't think 2" of latex is enough to just lay loosely over springs. It reminds me of something you would get at Ikea. Very simple and minimal with no frills. I think the lack of "tension" [that would normally be present in a mattress] bothers me about this bed. It just feels mushy.



It does not seem durable at all. For example, I could never let a child jump up and down on it like when we were kids. It is far too fragile. Maybe because it is just 2" of latex laying loosely on the coils. I feel like I have to 'baby it' this bed. 





Berkeley Ergonomics thumbs down