When I found out that my Berkeley Ergonomics coil mattress contained Polypropylene and that it was

not "all organic" like the sales man said, I checked the web sites of all the Berkeley Ergo mattress dealers and saw that NONE OF THEM  LIST THE SYNTHETIC POLYPROPYLENE IN THE MATTRESS DESCRIPTIONS even though they list, describe, and praise all the other components in great detail. I thought it was very alarming that none of the dealers were disclosing this synthetic components, yet they were referring to the mattress as "All natural", "Organic mattress", "chemical free" & alike.   


This site contains important information if you are thinking of buying a Berkeley Ergonomics mattress or are seeking Berkeley Ergonomics mattress reviews. It also contains other information Berkeley's dealers may not proactively provide. Learn about the owners

Colin Hunter & Andrea Karsten Berkeley Ergonomics Ontario  California.

Would you want to have a warranty issue with  these people?


 - The mattresses are not "organic mattresses".

 - The exterior cover is not an "organic cover".

 - The coil model contains Polypropylene.

 - The latex is not organic, and so much more... 

(and other things a sales man doesn't want you to know).

Natural Organic Mattress -Scripps Natural Mattress and Sleep Organic bedding by Mark Neel. 

Berkeley Ergo claims that I'm not a real consumer and that

I'm a competitor!   Click here to read more about their denial & behavior.

Consumers- Please know that I am not monitoring the dealers for correction, so just be aware the Polypropylene is present in the coil mattresses, in case the dealers "forget" to mention it, and remember to ask to see the CURRENT 2-page Material Health Certificate for the latex 'cause I doubt it will be proactively provided.   

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   -Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses are  not "organic mattresses".
   -Berkeley Ergonomics exterior cover is
not  an "organic cover".

   -Berkeley Ergonomics backing  material is  not organic.

   -The latex Berkeley Ergonomics uses is not organic.

   -Berkeley Ergonomics manufacturing facility is not  certified.
       -Berkeley Ergo coil mattresses contain a lot of synthetic Polypropylene.

-Are there any flame retardant fibres in the mattress?

When I pointed out this

false "organic mattress" claim to Andrea Karsten, one of Berkeley Ergo's owners, she     denied any such claim could be on her site.    


​        ​ 



     Below is Andrea's ridiculous denial;

I find it extremely ironic that Berkeley Ergonomics claims on their web site that they 

"Believe in Openness-Nothing to hide, No secrets" so I am unclear why they cannot comply with their own written policy and philosophy.

I also think it's unprincipled and hypocritical for Berkeley Ergonomics to allow their dealers to withhold or bury the synthetic Polypropylene information, all the while they and their dealers make aggressive "All Natural", "Natural Mattress" & false "Organic mattress"  type claims. 

So what mattress will I get to replace my Berkeley Ergonomics mattress?  

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UPDATE:  After weeks of conflict with Berkeley Ergonomics, and my communication with some dealers,  a few of the dealers have added the  Polypropylene to their web sites but most do not list the Polypropylene in the mattress description along with all the other materials.  Instead its in tiny print, FAQ or another page or section. This just confirms my suspicion that the Polypropylene component simply doesn't fit into their "natural" narrative.

Based on how the few dealers have added the Polypropylene to their site, it sure looks to me like they are trying to minimize the exposure of the Polypropylene component to their readers and

 potential customers.    



​​​I brought this dealer-wide "Polypropylene omission" matter to the attention of Berkeley Ergonomics assuming they would mandate their contracted dealers to include the Polypropylene component along with the other components, when ever the components are being listed, so consumers can have all the information, however I don't believe this will ever occur. Berkeley Ergonomic owners 

Colin Hunter & Andrea Karsten won't discuss the matter with me, so I have no confidence applicable change will be made, hence the reason and necessity for this site.        

I'm stunned that Berkeley Ergonomics wouldn't rather want their dealers presenting the synthetic Polypropylene to potential customers in a professional manner, instead of having me alerting consumers to it on the internet.   

For clarity, I'm not asking Berkeley Ergonomics dealers to list something that is NOT in their mattress. I am asking them to list what IS in their mattress. Is this so unreasonable?


Turns out that the Berkeley Ergonomics coil mattresses contain a LOT of synthetic Polypropylene.  The Polypropylene covers

all the springs in the mattress.  It is not a small amount that could be missed. 

The latex in my Berkeley Ergo coil mattress also contains 23 chemicals.  22 of the chemicals deemed "moderately problematic, but acceptable for use", and one chemical deemed "unknown".  You can view the 2-page Material Health Certificate for the latex used in my bed here.

If anyone is thinking of buying a Berkeley Ergonomics mattress it is just my recommendation that they ask to see the CURRENT

2-page Material Health Certificate, like shown here on this site, so you can see how many chemicals you will be sleeping on.

Beware of False Organic Claims, synthetic Polypropylene, 


Are Berkeley

mattresses HOT?

Shopping for a Berkeley Ergonomic mattress?    Learn from my mistake.

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Where's the synthetic Polypropylene on Berkeley Ergonomics web site?  

                                          Click here to find out.


Are Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses

HOT due to all the wool?




Are there

flame retardant fibres

    in the mattress?   

Because of all the aggressive "natural mattress" type claims, I believe consumers have the EXPECTATION that the Berkeley coil mattresses are made from only "natural materials", are "free of synthetics" etc., unless a sales person advises them justly, or unless

the Polypropylene is listed along with the other materials.

It is my further opinion that the reason Berkeley Ergonomics dealers do not include the Polypropylene along with the other components,

and why Berkeley Ergonomics does not mandate their dealers to include it with the other components in the descriptions, is because the synthetic material  does not fit in their "natural mattress" narrative.  Of course this is just my view, but it is based on all I have learned about Berkeley Ergonomics and their dealers. 

Berkeley Ergonomics had the below
false organic claim on the home page of their site, indicating "natural and organic mattresses"

so I'm not surprised the dealers are allowed to make claims as such. It seems to be the culture at Berkeley Ergonomics.   

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and their dealers.

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